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5 Construction Safety Tips by an ROI Operations Manager

Think Safety… Work Safely 
Preventing injury should be a number one priority at any work site. Construction safety isn’t something you can simply adjust- safety is something that is cultivated over time and must be part of the fabric of your company…it must be part of the corporate culture and throughout your carpentry career, electrical career, or plumbing career.
Our goal at Resource Options, Inc. is for constant improvement with our construction safety policies and procedures in an effort to ensure the health and safety of our most valuable assets- our employees.
Creating a safe work environment is one of the most important responsibilities and everyone should play a part in preventing accidents from happening.  As an Operations Manager in the A/E/C industry, Greg Kerr shares 5 construction site safety tips that will help ensure workplace safety.
Toolbox Talks:
Toolbox talks are a great construction safety training tool and an ideal way to provide safety reminders to employees, improve safety awareness and contribute to an improved safety culture. Toolbox talks can target general safety items, as well as focusing on specific safety for that day.
Onboarding is that initial meeting with a candidate. This is the outlined process where construction safety policies and procedures are covered through videos, quizzes and discussion. Topics such as a drug free work environment, personal protective equipment (PPE), and notifying the right personnel if something were to occur on site.
PPE refers to the personal protective equipment including the clothing, hard hats, goggles, gloves, or other equipment designed to protect the individual from injury throughout their carpentry career, electrical career, or plumbing career.
It is important to invest in the safety of your employee. There is custom tailored Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety training programs created based on your company’s needs. Effective training can result in fewer injuries, better morale, efficiency and allows for a safer worksite.
Avoidable Injuries: 
Most work site injuries are avoidable. It is important that workers are aware of their surroundings and using common sense while on site. Take that extra minute not to rush. Wear the proper PPE. Stick to the instructions and work with diligence. Employees must be comfortable and familiar with the procedures of the project and worksite.
Follow these site safety tips to cultivate an overall standard of workplace safety.
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