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6 Benefits of Entering a Career in Recruiting

Finding a job right out of college is not easy. However, broadening the type of position you’re looking for may help you.
At Resource Options, Inc. we look for self- motivated individuals, seeking a fast paced environment that challenges you and builds upon your experience.  As a recent college graduate, Internal Recruiter and Marketing Associate for ROI, Jen Monroe shares 6 benefits of entering a career in recruiting.
1) Enthusiastic
Everyone is excited about starting their first job. Recent college graduates, use this to your advantage. Soak up all there is to learn.
As a recruiting professional, you want your candidates to be excited and motivated for the job you are presenting them. Getting a candidate excited for your job and company is just as important as finding the right candidate. The excitement results in an eagerness to contribute, learn and be productive.
2) New Perspective
With a new perspective and a different way of thinking, you learn how to deal with ALL types of people. A career in recruiting requires emotional intelligence and turns you into a master of human interaction.
Is my candidate money-motivated, or do they want to spend more time on their social life? Does my client need someone with specific experience and certifications? What is this individual looking for and how can I engage with them?
3) Flexible (Easily Trained)
Being new to the working world, recent college graduates most likely don’t have any previous work habits, so they are open to learning and succeeding as a recruiting professional.
4) Tech Savvy
Today’s graduates have grown up surrounded by technology and have developed the ability to pick up new tools and technology rapidly. This makes it easier to learn how to use any software or database that is used to track a pool of candidate information.
5) Relationship Building
Networking and relationship building is a crucial part of developing your skills as a professional. Being able to walk into a room full of strangers, start a conversation, make a connection, and exchange business cards, is an important skill to have as a recruiting professional.
Networking allows you to practice your people skills and expand your network in numerous directions.
6) Growth Opportunities 
Work hard and you get what you put in. Having a career in recruiting does more than help you learn, it helps you earn and grow. Unlike most first-jobs, recruiting has NO ceiling on your wage potential. The uncapped structure includes multiple opportunities to increase salary and with hard work the opportunity to reach a desired income and grow.
RESOURCE OPTIONS, INC. (ROI) is a full-service construction, design, environmental services staffing and emergency response firm. Founded in 1998, ROI provides customized staffing solutions to clients servicing the built and natural environment. Recognized on five different occasions by Inc. Magazine as one of “America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies”, ROI demonstrates a proven ability to deliver highly qualified candidates in a timely fashion.
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