The Art of Positive

To say 2020 has been a challenging year to date is an understatement at best.
For ourselves living on the South Coast of NSW and many others throughout our beautiful country we began with the fire hangover from hell that began in 2019 and then merged into what we are now all living with on a daily basis, so we have essentially been in a form of “lockdown” for the entire year so far and by the looks of it for the majority of the year to come.
You know, I feel that the universe is sending us a message, a very strong message that we must heed or suffer the consequences. As custodians we need to take care of our planet and all of the beautiful living things that share our planet including the plants, the critters and our fellow humans, it looks a lot like if we do not look after and cherish what we have, Mother Nature will take over.
This all looks like a recipe for a pretty negative outlook on the future but I don’t see it that way hence “THE ART OF POSITIVE”. I have decided to make 2020 special and focus on this year to set the platform for a beautiful future.
What has happened in the past is always out of our control but we can always influence the future based on how we react to the past.
We are very fortunate in the construction industry to be such a key component of this countries and the world’s economy and we have a responsibility to be the champions for those in other industries that are less fortunate and are unable to operate at present. Let’s ensure we protect each other and our beautiful planet so that we can continue to show the way and support others in our community.
A few thoughts that may just help you along the way
  • Think of others not yourself
  • Think progress rather than difficulty
  • Think opportunity not losses
  • Think gratitude not complaint
  • Think about creating value rather than making a sale
  • Think about your relationships with family, friends, team members, suppliers, clients and customers rather than your product or service
  • Think about what is available not what is missing
  • Think about how you respond rather than the events you have no control over
  • Think of who you can be rather than who you were
  • Think about what you have and make the most of it rather than what you don’t have



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