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Resource Options, Inc. is very excited to have had an opportunity to interview Keith Barnaby; Senior Job Coordinator (Hudson, MA construction group) for an internal spotlight. Hearing his views on the importance of relationship building and career development within the trades is encouraging and a must read for you. 
Question 1: What got you into your Senior Job Coordinator position? 
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In honor of Construction Safety Week, we spoke with our safety expert and Operations Manager, Greg Kerr about what construction tradespeople should know and what they need to know about their safety on a construction job site and throughout their construction career. 
Much of what you are going to read may sound a lot like don’t run with scissors; however, from a safety perspective I want to make sure you are creating an injury free environment. 
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Despite the stereotype of men working in the construction industry, women are just as capable. Female on-site construction workers are lacking, but women altogether are underrepresented in the industry. When it comes to women entering the construction industry, part of the struggle is that women need to go the extra mile to make their accomplishments seen — something that may not come naturally.
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Think Safety… Work Safely 
Preventing injury should be a number one priority at any work site. Construction safety isn’t something you can simply adjust- safety is something that is cultivated over time and must be part of the fabric of your company…it must be part of the corporate culture and throughout your carpentry career, electrical career, or plumbing career.