Environmental Jobs

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Despite the stereotype of men working in the construction industry, women are just as capable. Female on-site construction workers are lacking, but women altogether are underrepresented in the industry. When it comes to women entering the construction industry, part of the struggle is that women need to go the extra mile to make their accomplishments seen — something that may not come naturally.
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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 40 HAZWOPER certification is a must have for someone trying to enter the environmental industry and obtain a health and safety career, a field scientist career, heavy equipment operator career, or an environmental engineer career. 
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The first day of a new job is exciting and scary at once. With that kind of pressure, it can be easy to make a mistake on the first day that can tarnish all the hard work you put in to land the job in the first place. Whether you are looking to work on a long term project with the company or be hired on full time, here are our tips to ensuring success on your first day, and making a lasting impression.