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virtual interview

Today more employers are adopting video conferencing software platforms to conduct job interviews when challenging circumstances won’t allow for an in-person interview. 

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Do you ever wonder why you are not getting the call back? You applied to the job just like everyone else, but the phone and email isn’t ringing. What’s up with that? 
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Finding a job right out of college is not easy. However, broadening the type of position you’re looking for may help you.
At Resource Options, Inc. we look for self- motivated individuals, seeking a fast paced environment that challenges you and builds upon your experience.  As a recent college graduate, Internal Recruiter and Marketing Associate for ROI, Jen Monroe shares 6 benefits of entering a career in recruiting. 
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Some people go to work every day simply to survive. The fortunate ones look forward to going to work every day because the job is with an appealing company. 
I am Jesse Odell, Connecticut Branch Manager of ROI and I want to share some tips that make a company appealing for your construction staff.
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