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Resource Options, Inc. is very excited to have had an opportunity to interview Vincent Camin; Search Consultant (Long Island City, NY Consulting and Design group) for an internal spotlight. Hearing his views on career development and working with technical professionals is refreshing and a must read for you. 
Question 1: What got you into your search consultant position? 
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Leaders have a unique ability of encouraging others to work towards a common goal. Leadership development is an important topic to focus on when looking at how to have more successful organizations. Do you have a particular leader you look up to?
Today, on behalf of our Design Staffing team, we spoke with Michael Feldman, CEO of Feldman Surveyors about what makes a great leader and how you can improve your leadership skills.  
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Do you ever wonder why you are not getting the call back? You applied to the job just like everyone else, but the phone and email isn’t ringing. What’s up with that? 
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Independent workers continue to grow and generations such as millennials and Gen Z have begun to enter the workforce. These individuals have increasingly turned to independent work to pursue passions, build on experiences, and to make more money in their next architecture career, construction management career, or civil engineering career. 
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Your resume is an essential tool when it comes to job hunting. Whether you are looking for a job in architecture, a civil engineering job, or want a job as a CAD designer, when your resume is done correctly, you’ll be offered an opportunity. When done incorrectly, you’ll receive frequent rejection.