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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 40 HAZWOPER certification is a must have for someone trying to enter the environmental industry and obtain a health and safety career, a field scientist career, heavy equipment operator career, or an environmental engineer career. 
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Your resume is an essential tool when it comes to job hunting. Whether you are looking for a job in architecture, a civil engineering job, or want a job as a CAD designer, when your resume is done correctly, you’ll be offered an opportunity. When done incorrectly, you’ll receive frequent rejection. 
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I am Joel Miller and I have spent the last 8 years recruiting skilled construction tradespeople. As a construction recruiter, my focus is to find specific individuals with the skill set our clients look for such as carpenter jobs or plumbers or electricians. When talking to potential clients I get asked: What can you guys do differently than us. My answer is simple, you decided today that you needed to make a hire. So, you posted an ad. You will likely follow up with candidates spending a great deal of your time that could be better spent.
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Some people go to work every day simply to survive. The fortunate ones look forward to going to work every day because the job is with an appealing company. 
I am Jesse Odell, Connecticut Branch Manager of ROI and I want to share some tips that make a company appealing for your construction staff.
Growth & Opportunity
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About Tiffani Tartaglia: She is a construction recruiter and division manager in the newly formed Resource Options branch located in Raynham, Massachusetts. Tiffani shares the importance of getting to know your recruiter through relationship building, taking on new opportunities, open communication and trusting the process.