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Cold Weather Safety


When the weather turns cold here in the northeast but that doesn’t mean the work will be stopping outside. While working for prolonged period of time in cold or freezing temperatures you increase your risk of hypothermia, and frost bite.  These are serious health problems that can be easily avoided when you take the proper precautions.    Should you be affected by cold weather while working, seek warm shelter immediately and call for help. Below are our tips for protecting yourself while working in frigid conditions so you can still enjoy your day.
  • Keep your feet dry with warm work boots and wool socks.
  • Wear layers that can be adjusted throughout the day as your body temperature fluctuates
  • Take periodic breaks to warm up
  • Work during the warmest hours of the day
  • Know the symptoms to recognize cold weather related illnesses
    • Excessive shivering
    • Fatigue
    • Confusion
    • Drowsiness
    • Decreased motor skills
  • Protect your head and hands with a hat and gloves to keep heat in
  • Eat high energy, and preferably warm, meals
  • Always work in pairs and be sure to stay alert to any danger signs

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