Digital Construction Solutions for Compliance and Safety

We are in an era where jobsite safety is paramount—for a number of reasons. We know the National Safety Council says the number of preventable work deaths increased 2% in 2019, totaling 4,572. We also know construction is the industry with the highest number of preventable fatal work injuries, at 1,003 in 2019. We are making progress, but more work needs to be done.
Today, we need compliance more than ever before—and one company is looking to provide digital solutions that are easy to use and provide transparency for construction companies. The birth of the company eCompliance began in the summer of 2010. A tragic workplace accident claimed the lives of two young people in a remote East  Coast community. At the time, Adrian Bartha was on the project developers’ board of directors and felt the weight of the tragedy. Recognizing that fatalities are 100% preventable and knowing that smartphone adoption was on the rise, he decided to build a technology company to protect the frontline workforce.
In October 2012, Bartha and his business partner Josh LeBrun took the reins of a 12-employee online training company and began building eCompliance into a SaaS (software-as-a-service) cloud product, with the focus of protecting frontline workers in hazardous industries.
The safety-management system reduces injury rate by 55-72%. With the technology in hand, workers have a “digital health and safety wallet” that can report hazards and incidents, make inspections and audits easier, conduct safety meetings, assign and track corrective actions, and scan and track equipment. This leads to a greater understanding of leading indicators to prevent incidents and make faster decisions and less time doing administrative tasks. The technology shares data with internal systems and ERP (enterprise-resource planning) systems, syncing with SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, and more.
More than anything, technology such as this drives a culture of safety—something we have seen on the rise in recent years. eCompliance recognizes this trend and has a methodology that uses the top quartile of safety cultures to gauge participation by employee, site, division, and department.
A strategic investment from Alcumus North America in August 2019 has helped eCompliance develop its safety technology footprint, strengthen safety culture, and provide a 360-degree view of safety. Today eCompliance can say it has helped eliminate more than 1 million workplace incidents.
To dig into this topic a little bit deeper and to help construction companies learn more about digital solutions for compliance and safety, in partnership together, Constructech and eCompliance are doing a webinar on Tuesday, January 26 at 1 pm CT.