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How Are Recruiters Evaluating You as a Candidate?

Do you ever wonder why you are not getting the call back? You applied to the job just like everyone else, but the phone and email isn’t ringing. What’s up with that?
Today, we spoke with Haley about what she looks for in a consulting candidate and how she evaluates them. First of all, every candidate should not be overlooked regardless of work experience. What they lack in experience, they make up for non-transferable skills. Most entry-level consulting candidates are recent graduates, therefore, the common transferable skills include: communication skills, time management skills, organizational skills, etc.
When looking at a candidates resume, the first thing I look for is their education. Do they have a college degree? When did they or will they graduate? What is their degree in? Do they have additional OSHA certifications, AutoCAD certifications or industry related certifications?
Next, I look for location. Where are they located? Are they moving after graduation? Willing to commute? I want to make sure the consulting candidate has an assessable commute to where they could potentially be working.
Experience. Throughout college, did they have any internships or part-time jobs? Did the candidate play a sport or was a part of a club? If not, what did they do to fill their time?
On the day of the interview, the first things I look for is whether or not they showed up on time and are dressed professionally. To me, 15 minutes early is on time. This shows me that the consulting candidate is motivated and presentable.
When greeted, did the candidate shake my hand and give me eye contact? Relaying confidence and personality is an important trait to have, regardless of skill set. I look for how they communicate their answers or questions. Do they beat around the bush? This allows me to determine whether or not they have the relevant environmental engineering, materials testing, or wastewater experience, training, or OSHA certifications, AutoCAD certifications or industry related certifications needed for the position.
Passion. What projects, classes, internships, research most excites the candidate? Where do they see themselves in five years? This allows me to gauge where their passion is. As a recruiter, I want to make sure my consulting candidate is passionate and excited for the opportunity presented. They may not be a fit for the position I am working on right now, but they will be the first person I think of when a role with their experience comes across my desk.
Candidate fit: 
The most important thing I ask myself is: will the candidate go well with the company we work with? Does the company culture match the personality of the candidate?
When a candidates resume, interview, reference and background check align; then the candidate is a fit for the positon and company.
Advice & Recommendations: 
With little to no industry experience, I recommend candidates be flexible and patient. As an entry- level consulting candidate, it is tough to find environmental engineering, materials testing or wastewater jobs; however, there are things you can be doing to fill the gaps in your skillset. There are online certifications, tutorials, YouTube videos. Find internships, co-ops or industry related experiences. Do research, volunteer in the industry, take extra courses, and create a consulting portfolio. It does not hurt to have more preparation or industry training.
For the interview, if they say dress casual…dress professional and after the interview, write a thank you letter. This shows that you are going the extra mile and interested in the opportunity.
About the author: 
Connecting with a candidate is an important quality in building trust, understanding their skill set and where they want to go in there career. As a prior Environmental Scientist and current Search Consultant for Resource Options, Inc. Haley Muir shares what she looks for in a candidate, advice for candidates with little to no industry experience, recommendations for training to excel in this industry and everything in between. Follow these tips and get ahead in your consulting career.
RESOURCE OPTIONS, INC. (ROI) is a full-service construction, design, environmental services staffing and emergency response firm. Founded in 1998, ROI provides customized staffing solutions to clients servicing the built and natural environment. Recognized on five different occasions by Inc. Magazine as one of “America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies”, ROI demonstrates a proven ability to deliver highly qualified candidates in a timely fashion.
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