Internal Sustainability

We speak of sustainability in our buildings and infrastructure but rarely in terms of our businesses and policies. CHA (CHA Consulting, Inc.) released its first comprehensive Sustainability Report detailing the company’s commitment to doing business in a way that meets the needs of the present while contributing to an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable future. CHA offers engineering, architectural, survey, construction, project management, and other services.
CHA believes that sustainability is fundamental to the way it should approach everything they do. Responsibly Improving the World We Live In is the guiding motto. This long-term value creation enables a growing and sustainable company now and into the future.
For executives interested in improving their company’s internal sustainability factor, here are CHA’s four strategic pillars:
Sustainable Services and Clients: Providing sustainable practices in the services offered to help clients plan, design, and build projects that endure.
Sustainable Workforce: Inspiring employees by creating an environment that connects management and employees to the company and its communities and challenges employees to grow personally and professionally.
Sustainable Communities: Meaningfully engaging with stakeholders and supporting the communities in which the employees work and live.
Sustainable Operations: Measuring the company’s environmental footprint and implementing programs to reduce resource use, waste, and carbon emissions.
The Sustainability Report includes data and activities related to the firm’s sustainability strategy for the fiscal 2019 year, covering the period January 1 to December 31, 2019, and spanning CHA’s operations. Projects that enable a more sustainable future are highlighted along with employee volunteerism, staff development, and management of the Company’s environmental footprint. CHA plans to deliver an annual update on its sustainability initiatives, including progress in meeting the goals set in this report.