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From environmental site cleanup to seeing a full construction or engineering project through from start to finish, our candidates have great things to say about working with Resource Options, Inc.

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“ROI is unique in how courteous, helpful, and attentive a staffing company can be to your needs and skills. If you're looking for an experience that is as consistently personal as it is professional, look no further.”

“After becoming an Environmental Officer on a cruise line a lot of people asked me if school gave me everything I needed to be prepared for the job, and I can always reply with a confident 'No'. School did a great job from the Academic and lifestyle on ships standpoint but nothing prepared me more for my job than the field experience I was able to gain with Resource Options Inc. Being able to work for a large variety of companies doing a vast range of work truly prepared me for the constant adapting that you WILL have to be prepared for in the professional world. From an Environmental standpoint having vast knowledge about chemicals, PPE and oil spill response has set me ahead in my career and gave me knowledge that I couldn't have gained anywhere else”

“ROI cares about their employees and clients. They don’t just send you to a jobsite, they actually come out into the field and check to make sure everything is satisfactory.”

“I owe ROI a lot when it comes to my current journey of establishing a career. I'm very grateful to have been an ROI employee for its where I have started and where I have gained most of my experience. The experience with the ExxonMobil spill in Billings, Montana, is what taught me that I can lead by example and be effective to a company. I appreciate ROI.”

“My experience with ROI has been excellent. I haven’t dealt with a single recruiter that was anything less than professional. To say that I have benefited a lot would be an understatement!”

“Everything is going great with my placement. The people are nice and extremely helpful in training me. The more I learn about my responsibilities, the more excited I get!”

“I have had the opportunity to work with various companies and have learned a lot about the fast growing field of my chosen career. I look forward to an exciting future with ROI.”




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