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Meet Dan The Electrician

Hard work pays off is the mantra, Daniel G, has carried with him throughout his journey to becoming an electrician.  After graduating high school from Hudson County School of Technology in 2001, Dan was unsure of where he wanted to take his life, so he tried on a few hats first. Knowing he did not immediately want to go back to school, Dan explored the world of warehouse work, food delivery, auto work, and even worked with a florist.   Ultimately, he decided that electrical work was his calling, and enrolled in the Bergen County Technical School where Dan received his certification in Electrical Technology in 2011.
Electrical work did not come easily to him in the beginning, the book work can be abstract he explained.  When it came time for on the job training through the program, Daniel began to flourish.  He quickly learned that this was the career for him as he connected his classroom concepts to hands on experiences.  Starting out, he made mistakes, mentioning he even had to re-wire an entire project, but looks back now and laughs, knowing he learned valuable lessons. Today, Daniel has been an electrician for two and a half years, and began working with Resource Options, Inc. in January of 2012.  Dan finds his current position very rewarding where he oversees his project.  “I feel accomplished and enjoy the responsibility.  I know I’m gaining experience that will go a long way with my future” he says.
Daniel would tell anyone looking to become an electrician to not give up and be patient.  The work gets easier as you learn and grow he advises, and it’s important to work your way up from the bottom.
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