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Meet Our Skilled Laborer: Richard

Skilled LaborerThere are many factors to consider when choosing your profession, but one of the most meaningful influences can be a family member who shows you the way.  We had the chance to catch up with one of our skilled laborers, Richard D, who was fortunate enough to study under the direction of his grandfather.   Over the years, he explored several opportunities in the auto industry but always returned to his true passion, the construction industry.

Rich began his work in the skilled trades eighteen years ago, at the age of fourteen.  He and his grandfather completed projects together as he learned the ropes.  After gaining valuable experience and knowledge at home, Richard followed his heart and started his career in the field. Today, Rich continues to enjoy his work, and has fun each and every day in the field.  His favorite part of working in the construction industry is being outdoors.  Richard has been an ROI employee for about a year now and is thrilled with the experience he has gained telling us “It’s wonderful to work with a company like ROI who has done so much for me, and opened new doors.” In his time with us he has made connection with four companies that now know and trust his work abilities.  Rich tells anyone looking to enter the construction industry to find a skill you love and stick with it, happiness in a job is invaluable.

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