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Meet Your Recruiter- Keith Barnaby

Resource Options, Inc. is very excited to have had an opportunity to interview Keith Barnaby; Senior Job Coordinator (Hudson, MA construction group) for an internal spotlight. Hearing his views on the importance of relationship building and career development within the trades is encouraging and a must read for you.
Question 1: What got you into your Senior Job Coordinator position? 
Keith Barnaby’s Answer: Prior to starting at Resource Options, I landed my first job at a Specialty Tax Firm within the construction industry after graduating from Framingham State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management, in May 2018. As a Business Development Representative, I attended various networking events and continuously fueled my knowledge of the construction industry. It was at one of the events that I was introduced to ROI, built a relationship that ultimately presented me a recruiting opportunity within the trades. I knew this was a chance to take what I learned within the construction industry to grow and take my sales role to the next level.
Question 2: What do you love most about your Senior Job Coordinator job?
Keith Barnaby’s Answer: Being able to connect with a construction candidate and client on an educated level. I understand what it’s like to be in the field. I see the frustrations, hard work and labor that go into working within the construction industry and trades. This allows me to assist a construction candidate in their career path and recognize the type of individual my client needs to successfully complete a project. Building and maintaining these trade professional relationships, in turn make my job easier.
Growth. Since day one, ROI has provided a clear roadmap to the next steps. In particular, Chris Manley (Construction Account Manager) and Greg Gallagher (Construction Division Manager) put my sales to the test, always find new ways to challenge me and guide me to the next level of my career. This has led to the opening of a new office location in Hudson, MA for 2020.
Question 3: What do you do when you’re not at Resource Options? 
Keith Barnaby’s Answer: When I’m not at Resource Options, I like to utilize my time doing things I am passionate about. I enjoy playing hockey, music production, snowboarding, and spending quality time with family and friends. Outside of work hours, I continue to keep up with what’s going on in the construction world today. This includes reading and attending industry related workshops, which boosts my confidence to build trade professional relationships.
About ROI: 
RESOURCE OPTIONS, INC. (ROI) is a full-service construction, design, environmental services staffing and emergency response firm. Founded in 1998, ROI provides customized staffing solutions to clients servicing the built and natural environment. Recognized on five different occasions by Inc. Magazine as one of “America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies”, ROI demonstrates a proven ability to deliver highly qualified candidates in a timely fashion.
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