Optimization tool eliminates trial and error development

By Leslie Langnau | July 18, 2018
Design optimization requires a lot of development time; with the traditional optimization process essentially coming down to trial and error. CORTIME offers a product that will help designers leave trial and error development behind by making automated optimizations.
CORTIME has powerful optimization algorithms coupled with an intuitive interface that minimizes the learning curve. By assigning variables and design goals, CORTIME uses the parameters of a CAD model to optimize designs. This process results in a large dataset from which the product developer can pick the preferred design.
Notes CEO Rasmus Høtoft, “I’ve been in too many design processes where it was too hard to figure out the optimal design approach. How will the different variables affect each other, how will the geometry behave or simply which of my concepts should I focus on optimizing? These questions lead to a trial and error approach which is limiting because it eats away my development time. This approach would therefore greatly benefit from being automated by optimization software.”
One of CORTIME’s clients BROEN – a leading manufacturer of valve technologies – currently use the software to optimize the weight of its valves.
Says R&D Engineer Morten Hansen, “CORTIME simply gives me a lot of data which I would have spent a long time acquiring manually. I can start CORTIME and return to the results later in the day. In that way I avoid human errors, get a better overview of the data and it gives me more time to focus on other tasks.”


Original Article: https://www.designworldonline.com/optimization-tool-eliminates-trial-and-error-development/