Predicting the Future

“The most reliable way to predict the future is to create it” is a quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln. Predictions are, obviously, subject to proof at a time in the future when the predicted event happens. Or doesn’t. If the prediction involves loss of life or property, one hopes it is wrong. In industry and construction, such a prediction can cause people to analyze what can be done to prevent the event from happening. By using currently available technology, companies can abide by Lincoln’s premise and literally create the future to predict it.
OnePredict, a Korean industrial AI (artificial intelligence) technology firm, has developed cutting edge industrial AI solutions for industries including utilities, oil & gas, manufacturing, and transportation. Its focus has been on preventing damaging events by using digital twin technology to monitor and diagnose equipment status in advance, as well as predicting failures. Digital Twin, the main technology of OnePredict, is a technology that predicts the results in advance by creating twins of real-world objects on a computer and simulating situations that may occur in the real world.
OnePredict’s Digital Twin solution, part of its GuardiOne Series, provides an analysis that improves the fundamental limitations of conventional diagnosis and prognosis method by integrating AI technology. In addition, it minimizes human error by providing indicators of quantitative condition analysis for main failure modes of facilities through deep learning technology. By providing screen configuration and functions tailored to the user’s requirements, it is possible to easily check the equipment status without requiring an expert to manage the system.
OnePredict’s solutions are optimized until the final implementation at the customer site. Currently, numerous Proof of Concept programs are in progress and are expected to expand industries where the technology will be useful. For example, OnePredict has recently signed a contract to provide its industrial GuardiOne Transformer solution for eight 345 kilovolt electric transformers to KOWEPO Thermal Power Plant. The launching of the advanced AI-based Transformer Diagnosis and Prediction technology project with KEPCO, Korea’s largest power company, in October 2020 and the introduction of the GuardiOne solution to about 500 electric transformers owned by S-Oil, Korea’s oil & gas conglomerate, are also in progress.