Prepare Your Company for a Strong COVID Rebound

The coronavirus pandemic has been the main focus of the world for almost a full year now, and every single organization has needed to adapt. While the vaccine is rolling out and states are starting to open up, it will likely still be months before we find some sense of normality. Luckily, construction is considered essential work in several states, with safety protocols in place of course. This, however, does not change the fact that some construction jobs are being pushed back due the pandemic, for reasons such as lack of materials or worksite outbreaks.
Although these are incredibly tough times, construction leaders who look toward the future are creating a plan to guarantee their business emerges strong. Even with the end of this pandemic in sight, it is not too late to construct a strategy that will help your business work through it and come out the other side even stronger.
Communication is key
People that are invested or have an interest in your company usually like constant communication on the happenings of your business. In these times, they need twice as much. The uncertainty caused by COVID has stemmed from its repercussions on everyday life and the global economy. In order to clearly communicate to your stakeholders, don’t just tell—show them what you are doing so they know your business is moving forward with confidence.
Establish and maintain industry expertise
Use this time to build a reputation as a trusted expert in the industry, which will in turn lead to increased brand awareness. Expertise can be built by writing articles or making videos for news sources, speaking to area organizations, posting on social media, or, preferably, a combination of the three. By taking the reins and guiding through the chaos, it will demonstrate to your audience that you are knowledgeable about and committed to the industry, allowing you to come out on top.
Stay at the front using PR and marketing
The best time to create a PR and marketing strategy was yesterday, but the second best time is today. Take advantage of this time to create new content and messaging—it will give you a head start on competitors and allow you to bounce back quicker. Some examples of PR and marketing strategies are:
  • Publicity: Build relationships with local and trade reporters so they will be more likely to publish your announcements.
  • Blogging: Write blogs that are SEO-optimized to share tips and tricks and work your company is doing or inspiring stories to bring traffic to your website.
  • Social media: With increased internet use, building a strong presence on the major social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) means people are likely to stumble across your content.
Even though the pandemic is an unprecedented event and the world halted when it first hit, using this time to make a plan and sticking to it will put your construction business in a stronger position when we emerge on the other side. You’ll fall further behind if you sit back and let it play out, so take the time and push forward—it will be worth it.