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Recruiter Spotlight: Jennifer Papis

We had an opportunity to sit down and speak with ROI Recruiter, Jennifer (Jen) Papis this week. Jen is a recruiter in the New Jersey office in the Consulting and Design division. We talked about how she builds lasting relationships with candidates and the number one struggle in her industry currently.

Recruiter Spotlight: Jennifer PapisWhy is using a recruiter important?

The entire job process is difficult to maneuver on your own. I learned this first-hand after graduating college. ROI’s recruiters guide candidates through the process, helping them figure out exactly what they want/need. I walk my candidates through every step of the hiring process.
We have great relationships with well-renowned firms all over NJ and we help them find the best opportunities for their future. Our recruiters advocate for their clients. We put qualified candidate’s resumes in front of hiring managers; whereas, when they apply to jobs online, their application may never get seen.

What does ROI do differently than other firms?

ROI cares about the people they work with. We listen to our candidates/clients and communicate efficiently, updating them through every step.
During college, I worked with a recruiting firm and without even knowing what I wanted, they tried placing me in an admin position solely because of my business degree. The recruiter did not ask me questions about my goals nor listened to any of requests. She never followed up with me and once I turned down the position, I never heard from her again. She was looking to make a quick placement without doing any of the research.
Our process is completely different – we find out what our candidate wants rather than telling them the positions we have available. We cater to their experience so that we find the best opportunity for them. Additionally, even if we do not have something they are interested in at the moment, we stay in touch with them and build that relationship so if the perfect position for them opens, we have access to helping connect them.

How do you create meaningful connections with your clients/candidates?

One of the ways our recruiters create meaningful connections is by meeting our candidates in-person. I also try to find ways to relate my life to theirs.  I find out little facts about them so that I can relate to them and make them feel comfortable working with me. For example, I had a candidate say they were from South Carolina, and I informed him that my parents also live there. We discovered they live ten minutes from each other!
I truly care about the people I work with and want them to feel confident in me as their recruiter. All trusting relationships are built on communication. Not every call I have with a candidate is about an assignment, I have real conversations with them. What are their interests? What are the current circumstances? They are real people with real lives, not sales transactions.

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What inspires you every day in your position? What is your motivation to work?

I have made some amazing connections that keep me motivated. One candidate had a complex situation that I needed to be flexible with and he emailed me saying “Thank you for being patient and understanding with me and my situation. It speaks volumes about who you are as a person.” Those kinds of connections inspire me to continue helping people find their next great role.

What is happening topically in your industry you think is important to address?

The land surveying industry in Jersey is struggling currently – the process to become a PLS is very difficult, and this skill set is already in short supply. Most college students are not going to school for land surveying, which requires a four-year degree. On top of that, you must work under a PLS and then pass an exam before becoming licensed. The field of qualified candidates is shrinking because not a lot of young people knows it exists.

Fun facts about Jen

  • I love sports – my brothers and dad brought me up to be a diehard Giants & Yankees fan.
  • My parents live in SC and my brother lives in FL, so I always have a fun vacation waiting for me. I have a very big family and we are all very close, regardless of the distance.
  • I have never left the country, but I am hoping to explore Ireland and Italy next year. Fingers crossed!
  • My favorite food is a bacon cheeseburger. I could truly eat one every day.
  • In my spare time I like to hang with friends.

Are you looking for a career in Consulting and Design? What about the right candidate for your next project? Contact Jen today!


RESOURCE OPTIONS, INC. (ROI) is a full-service construction, design and environmental staffing firm. We provide customized staffing solutions to clients servicing the built and natural environment. Recognized on five different occasions by Inc. Magazine as one of “America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies”, ROI was founded in 1998 by a group of experienced industry professionals. Our proven ability to deliver highly qualified candidates in a timely fashion has earned us the reputation as a true and lasting business partner with both clients and candidates.
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