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ROI Recruiter Spotlight: Haley Muir

We had an opportunity to sit down and speak with ROI Recruiter, Haley Muir this week. Haley is a recruiter in the Needham, MA office in the Consulting and Design division. We talked about the qualities that make a successful recruiter and how she builds relationships with her candidates and clients.

1. What makes ROI different from other staffing firms?ROI Recruiter Spotlight: Haley Muir

I left ROI several months ago wanting to try internal recruiting, but I quickly realized the grass is not greener on the other side. Simply, it is greener where you water it. Internal recruiting and other staffing firms handle their candidates differently than we do at ROI. ROI truly goes above and beyond for both the client and the candidate.
A lot of agencies send in a high volume of resumes, giving their clients unfit candidates to make a quick profit. They view their candidates as resumes instead of people and every move is transactional. ROI believes in a humanistic approach to hiring. We create a solid rapport with our candidates and clients, putting a heavy emphasis on building a trusting relationship with them.
Most agencies don’t put that extra step in. They simply glance over resumes and send them to clients. ROI ensures we thoroughly vet our candidates, look for discrepancies in their resume, review references, and make sure we meet candidates face-to-face.  We always meet candidates face-to-face, whether it is at one of the ROI offices or on ZOOM. It is important for us to really understand what is important to them, that level of personability isn’t out there elsewhere.

2. How do you build relationships with your candidates and clients?

Our staff visits our client’s office and/or job site in person before signing any kind of agreement. This allows us to check out the space and ensure it’s a comfortable and safe working environment for our candidates. It’s our goal to only work with companies that we trust where candidates will feel welcome and accepted.  While we are at the office, we sit down with the hiring team and any decision makers to better understand the company culture and needs. This helps us ensure we are only presenting candidates that would be a strong fit.
In regard to candidates, I personally strive to build relationships with candidates beyond the job assignment. What are their hobbies? Passions? Goals? I also do my best to check in after a big occasion, send birthday cards and generally stay in touch with the candidates I’m working with, whether or not they’ve accepted a position through us yet. I don’t want candidates to feel as though I am trying to just make money off them before moving on. I truly care about their wellbeing.

3. What makes a successful recruiter?

Empathy. Being empathetic to your candidates and clients is one of the most valuable qualities in a recruiter. Looking for a job can make you extremely vulnerable and it can be taxing on your mental health. Many people I meet have been laid off, are looking for a job post-partum, moving to remote to take care of a family member or had to take time off because they were sick themself. Knowing how to communicate and bring your candidates comfort in uncertainty is crucial.
All recruiters should be able to communicate effectively.  You cannot build a relationship with clients or candidates if you lack communication skills. You must be an active listener to truly understand what they are looking for. Other helpful skills include personal motivation and organization.
The job search is stressful, and I want to be the best guide I can possibly be.

4. What are clients looking for in potential candidates? What are candidates looking for in an employer?

Candidates want flexibility. The COVID-19 pandemic made flexibility a desired norm. People want to report to an employer that understands a true work-life balance, including the flexibility to work remote or be on a hybrid schedule.
The second thing candidates want is job stability. There are many industries going through layoffs right now and people are starting to get nervous about the economy.
The third thing candidates want is a healthy and diverse company culture. People want to work for employers that give equal opportunity to all employees. DEI initiatives are crucial in today’s landscape. Applicants are actively looking at the diversity of leadership within the company and often wonder what initiatives they take to support diverse employees.
Clients want candidates that are multifaceted. Upskilling is a hot topic right now among clients and they need employees that have a lot of different skills to fill the skills gap. They want candidates that are willing to learn new skills rather than merely staying in their comfort zone. Workers are seeing an increase in responsibility because of the shortage of workers.
Beyond technical skills, employers are searching for candidates with other soft skills such as organization, ability to work well with others, communication, and dependability.
Also, we are seeing companies calling employees back to the office because of decreased productivity.

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About Haley

I love to eat. Everyone at ROI knows I love to eat and that I am a huge foodie – sweet or savory, I love it!  My favorite foods are anything that has carbs: anything made from a potato, any form of pasta and lots of bread.
My parents own a beachside sea food restaurant in Hull, MA that I help out at on the weekend. I did not get the cooking gene but love to bake.
I try to walk 2-3 miles per day in the summer and have walked over 300 miles since March.
I love traveling! My favorite vacation spots are in Central America and the Caribbean.
Connect with Haley on LinkedIn and contact her if you’re in the market for a new opportunity!


RESOURCE OPTIONS, INC. (ROI) is a full-service construction, design and environmental staffing firm. We provide customized staffing solutions to clients servicing the built and natural environment. Recognized on five different occasions by Inc. Magazine as one of “America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies”, ROI was founded in 1998 by a group of experienced industry professionals. Our proven ability to deliver highly qualified candidates in a timely fashion has earned us the reputation as a true and lasting business partner with both clients and candidates.
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