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ROI Spotlight: Alexandra Larkin

March is Women’s History Month, and all month we are highlighting the women at ROI that truly make a difference here and for women in the industry. We had the privilege of speaking with Alexandra Larkin of the Consulting and Design division of ROI’s New Jersey office. Ali focuses on the placement of Construction Management professionals throughout northern New Jersey and abutting areas. In this interview, she talks about what it is like for women in male-dominated industries and how she creates successful connections with her candidates and clients.

What are your thoughts on Women in construction / women in male-dominated fields?

Although there are fewer women in construction overall, the industry is changing. The clients we work with are embracing a diverse workforce, and we’ve seen changes on construction sites. Women have just as much opportunity in this line of work and can create a ton of success for themselves in today’s market. Being hard-working, confident, driven, and goal-oriented can help you break into any industry. There will always be challenges to overcome but it’s important to bet on yourself and continue pushing to see success.

How do you think we can increase women in trade positions?

I think one of the first steps is educating women on the different paths they can take within the construction industry. There are vocational programs available where you can learn about different trade positions, trade schools offering construction management programs, and so on. The construction industry offers a wide variety of positions, many of which have huge growth potential. We work with talented women who are Project Managers, Superintendents, Estimators, Electricians, etc., and have proven track records. By highlighting their career paths, I think it can open new doors and educate other women on the opportunities available to them in the construction field.

How does ROI create a place for diversity in the workplace? Search jobs

ROI is always looking for the best talent. We are meeting daily with people from diverse backgrounds and different walks of life. It’s great to hear about someone’s experience, learn about their perspective, and talk through different situations. I think when we hire someone with unique ideas, it gives everyone in the office a chance to learn and grow both personally and professionally.
Through my time at ROI, I have seen the women I work with move into new positions, grow offices, mentor junior staff, and so much more. These women have shown myself and others what’s possible at ROI.

What have you learned since working with ROI?

ROI has taught me the importance of teamwork, consistency, and drive in order to see success. We have such a solid team here and there are so many great internal resources that we can go to for help or advice. ROI allows us to run a business within a business, and you truly feel the support of your partners across the company.
Part of being driven is the ability to continue to push. We want our clients and candidates to know we are working for them, and that we want to find the best solutions. I think you start to see things change when you get outside of your comfort zone. ROI has also taught me the importance of relationship-building, with both our external and internal partners. There is always something new to learn or a different way to look at a tough situation. Although we might have different goals, we are all supporting one another day to day and looking to build something special.

How do you create success for your candidates and clients?

ROI creates success for both candidates and clients through strong relationship building. It’s important to build trust and respect, and we want to be honest with how and where we can help. We want to be transparent about the experience, the scope of work, company culture, etc. to make sure that we are creating the best matches. Knowing our clients and candidates so well, ensures we make the right match. Once a placement is made, we consider it just the beginning.  Our intentions are for long-term success, whether that be in the form of candidate referrals, additional job orders, or further client introductions.
Active listening is a must-have skill for a recruiter. We need to fully understand the needs of our candidates and clients, understand the situation they’re in, and why they are looking for a new position, or to make a new hire.
Once we have placed a candidate with a client, it’s important to stay in touch, visit them in the office or on-site, and make sure they are feeling successful in their new role. We can create more opportunities with our clients, for our candidates, and for ROI as a whole through these initiatives and continued relationship building.
Looking for a career change? Contact Ali today!

About Alexandra

  • She is consistent with her lunch, a turkey and cheese sandwich almost daily
  • Loves to travel- hoping to explore more soon!
  • She is celebrating five years at ROI in September of this year
  • Enjoys going to the gym with her office teammates
  • She has two family members who also work at ROI!


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