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ROI Spotlight: Ross Hogan

It was an absolute pleasure to interview ROI’s newly appointed account manager in the Construction division at the Portsmouth, NH office, Ross Hogan. Ross emphasized the ‘ROI difference,’ a concept that merges a high degree of personalization with a keen understanding of clients’ and candidates’ unique needs and potentials. We also discussed the diminishing number of skilled tradespeople among the newer generations, a challenge that’s increasingly shaping the workforce landscape.
Congratulations to Ross Hogan on this new and exciting next step here at ROI. His hard work and dedication to our clients and candidates promises a bright future for ROI!

1. What made you decide to work for ROI? 

During my initial interview with ROI leaders, Kevin and Jordan, I was immediately drawn in by their welcoming and congenial demeanor. Though staffing was a new concept to me at the time, their encouraging approach made it feel comfortable. As I delved deeper into the construction sector, I was grateful for their support, as it fostered immense growth and learning.
At ROI, we firmly believe that the only limitations you face are the ones you set for yourself. As long as you have realistic goals, a roadmap to achieve them, and the will to persist, our leaders stand ready to back you every step of the way.
I also love the independence we have at ROI, your success is in your hands. There is a liberty to step out of the office, meet our candidates in person, and ensure they were well-prepared to kickstart their jobs. The freedom to make such interactions makes the work at ROI even more rewarding.
The ROI family is an incredibly welcoming, supportive, and cooperative community. Our team is spread across nine different offices, yet we are united in our objective to provide top-tier service. Our collaborative spirit is unflagging—everyone is always ready to lend a hand. The resulting team atmosphere is always positive and encouraging, demonstrating how a collective effort paves the way for exceptional outcomes.

2. Are there opportunities to grow in your career at ROI?

Choosing to work with ROI provides you with all the essential tools you need to propel your career forward. Here, success is not an accident but the result of meticulous planning and goal setting. We are firm believers that anyone, with well-defined objectives and a solid strategy, is able to achieve their career aspirations.
ROI is more than just a workplace—it’s a vibrant and engaging community where interactions with candidates and clients are handled with a personal touch. Our work culture is designed to be not only productive but enjoyable, fostering a deep understanding of the industry in a stimulating environment.

3. In this current job market, what advice do you give to candidates?

The demand for labor in the skilled trades, such as electricians and carpenters, continues to rise. This demand underscores the need for attributes like commitment, reliability, and authenticity in skill representation. The job opportunities are abundant; they simply await individuals ready to step in and seize them.
As the seasoned workforce approaches retirement, an urgency is emerging for younger generations to consider these trades. The opportunity lies in exploring, discovering, and embracing these professions. There’s an undisputed reality that the trades have plenty of work opportunities to offer. Yet, what they truly need are passionate individuals willing to invest their time, energy, and skills.
Simply, the job market in the trades isn’t lacking in opportunities, but rather, in the people prepared to take on these opportunities. The door is open, and the invitation stands for the willingness to venture into these indispensable trades.

4. How do you describe the ROI difference?

Our Commitment: We at ROI believe in setting the gold standard in service, transcending the ordinary to ensure both our candidates and clients experience unparalleled support. Imagine a hot summer’s day on the job, and our team arrives with cold water and Gatorade – just a minor symbol of our extensive dedication. We are not a one-size fits all staffing firm, we customize our solutions to align with our clients’ and candidates’ unique needs by making meaningful connections.
Our relationships with our clients are more than just business; they are lasting partnerships. We uphold transparency as one of our main principles, giving a clear picture of the candidate’s abilities and how well they fit the job description. We also make sure to check in frequently, maybe inquiring about their upcoming project needs or checking in to ensure the tradesperson we placed is still performing well.
Furthermore, we don’t just place candidates; we support them in their journey. We regularly check-in and ensure they are flourishing in their roles. Because for us, it’s not merely about filling jobs; it’s about being a part of someone’s success story.

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5. What is the hiring process from beginning to end?

When a client reaches out to us with a request for carpenters or any other trades position, our priority is to gain a thorough understanding of the job specifics and requirements. We diligently collect all pertinent information directly from the client, which aids us in identifying the ideal candidate for the role. By understanding their needs thoroughly, we connect them with the most fitting candidates, providing not just workers, but contributors to their vision.
In response to such requests, we delve into our expansive database to find previous contacts who are a good fit. Alternatively, we also cast our net wider by sourcing potential candidates from external sources such as LinkedIn or Facebook, to ensure we’re considering the full spectrum of available talent. A lot of the time, I already have someone in mind for the position because I keep relationships with all of the past candidates I have worked with.
Before we proceed further, we conduct an initial prescreening over the phone. This process gives us a comprehensive overview of the candidate’s qualifications and general information. If the candidate’s profile aligns with our requirements, we then schedule an in-person interview for a more detailed discussion.
Prior to the interview, we meticulously validate their work references. Once the candidate is confirmed suitable and cleared for work, we take the responsibility to brief them fully about the job. We believe that equipping our workers with in-depth knowledge about their roles leads to better productivity and job satisfaction. We want our candidates to know fully what they are walking into before their first day. This is where being fully transparent also comes into play.
We also arrange a meeting at the site, where we provide all necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We see this as an essential step in ensuring the safety and preparedness of our workers, while also showing them that we are truly there to help them. In addition, it’s important to us that we introduce the candidate to the site supervisor, establishing a direct line of communication for any immediate needs or concerns.
Above all, our approach aims at making sure the candidate is comfortable and well-accommodated. We take pride in nurturing a working environment that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

What are 4 interesting things about you?

• I used to be a police officer before starting at ROI.
• I enjoy spending my free time golfing with friends.
• I recently got an Australian Shepard named Ollie.
• My fiancé and I love to spend time in Bar Harbor, Maine.
Looking for a new position in the construction sector? Connect with Ross today on LinkedIn!


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