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ROI’s Women in Construction

Resource Options, Inc. is very excited to have had an opportunity to interview 13 of the women at ROI for women in construction spotlight.
Women in Construction Week is March 1-7, 2020. This week raises awareness of the opportunities available for women in the construction industry and to emphasize the growing role of women in the industry.
Fourteen of the women at Resource Options, Inc. share how they got into the construction industry, what their role is at ROI, and their advice to any female looking to enter the construction industry or any male-dominated field.
Ellen Taylor, Account Manager, 6.5 years
Before ROI I was in the environmental industry which is closely tied to the construction Industry. In 2013 ROI opened an office in Londonderry, NH where I then made the leap over to construction for the opportunity to help build and grow the NH Branch. My role is to manage and grow existing business, client relations, and to develop new business opportunity for the NH Branch.
“Be that girl with the confidence needed to succeed regardless of your gender.”
Tiffani Tartaglia, Division Manager, 6 years
I didn’t so much get into the industry I sort of landed in it. I graduated college with a degree in Biochemistry. I was looking to relocate back to MA and was contacted by Resource Options Inc. to work with their Environmental Group. During my interview process I met with all teams, and the construction group wanted me on board. I took a chance, and will not look back. I am the Division Manager of our Raynham MA location. I work with a team of two recruiters, and we service contractors in the South Shore, South Coast, Cape and Rhode Island areas.
While the industry is “male dominated” there is more than enough room for woman. Whether it’s in the office as an admin or in the field as a project manager, superintendent or carpenter, go after your dream and prove to whoever chose to take a chance on you it was worth it.
Allyson Cook, Human Resource Manager, 3.5 years
I consider myself as part of the Staffing industry, we just happen to recruit construction. Human Resources and Recruiting in the construction industry has brought me many different scenarios and ways to challenge myself. There is something new to learn every day! As the HR Manager, I handle all internal and external Employee Relations issues, compliance concerns/issues as well as Benefits administration for our internal and field staff. It’s my responsibility to ensure policies comply with federal and state law.
Try to put yourself in situations where you can fill holes in your experience and expertise. Go to that meeting, ask to take on that project. Sometimes, people can be overlooked for tasks because they’re not seen as likely candidates, so keep an eye on what you’d like to be doing and make it happen!
Rachel Fish, Account Manager, 3 years
I landed in the construction industry by happenstance.  Before working for Resource Options I was in the equestrian industry so I really had no exposure to the Engineering and Construction industries that consume my career now.  In a way women in the construction industry remind me of women in the equestrian world because you have to work hard, have thick skin, and be able to hold your own among a male dominated industry. My role within Resource Options is all about relationship building.  I handle our current client accounts along with developing and working with new clients throughout the A/E/C industries.  I always say that building relationships is what I am passionate about; being able to place top talent with our clients is the bonus that comes with it.
My advice is to go for it!  I think that we are in a day and age where women are being looked at in a new light and although there are still hurdles that we have to overcome the door is open for women to excel within this industry.  Show up, be accountable, work hard, think outside the box, and don’t let anyone stop you from achieving your dreams.
Caroline Bishop, Search Consultant, 2.5 years
I was inspired by a family member who was the Town Engineer in FL. I was memorized with looking at plans and working with a project team. This led me to study Civil Engineering in college and become president of our ASCE chapter. I get excited looking at plans and hearing about improvement projects. As a Search Consultant with Resource Options, Inc., I find myself an expert matchmaker between Boston’s Best Engineering, Architecture and Environmental specialists and firms.
Be yourself, have fun, smile, give a compliment, and show confidence.
Rebecca Packer, Accounting Associate, 2 years
Two years ago I started at ROI in an administrative role, this past summer I transitioned into the Finance department. After many years of working in the Hospitality Industry I didn’t ever imagine ending up in the construction industry, but I am sure glad I did. As the Accounting Associate at ROI my role includes accounts payable, payroll processing and invoicing.
My advice to other women considering a career in construction is to view it just like any other field. The possibilities are endless; there is so much more to this industry than being a carpenter or electrician.
Jennifer Monroe, Marketing Associate, 1 year 10 months
I hold a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Sports Management from the University of Mary Washington. Upon graduating, I started my career in the construction industry with Resource Options, Inc. My athletic background, competitive nature and passion for leadership ultimately lead me into a career in marketing, recruiting and the construction industry. I manage ROI’s marketing efforts, as well as, identify and qualify top talent for internal recruiting opportunities within our Construction, Environmental and Consulting and Design teams for each office location.
Dream big and stand out! Out work everyone around you, continue learning and never stop getting better at what you do. Every job is a ‘craft’ and what differentiates you is how well you do it and how good you are at it. No one great ever fit in with the crowd.
Haley Muir, Account Manager, 1 year 8 months
I have a Geology degree from Bridgewater State University, while attending college I held a part time position as an Environmental Scientist. Upon graduating, I began working full time as an Environmental Scientist and was involved in sampling, construction oversight, and Phase I site assessments. My role at ROI involves working with engineering, environmental, and construction firms on their hiring needs. I work closely with decision makers and hiring managers to fully understand their requirements and how we can find the best possible fit. I’m also the manager of a team of recruiters who work with our candidates on a day to day basis.
Don’t doubt yourself! Being a woman in construction will come with challenges, criticism, and rejection. To be successful in this industry you need to have a thick skin, stand your ground, and know your worth. You belong in this industry just as much as your male counterparts!
Alexandra Larkin, Senior Job Coordinator, 1.5 years
I never thought I would end up in the construction industry. When I got the opportunity with ROI, I was extremely nervous to transition into a new career, in a completely different industry. Working/learning alongside my team and partners has opened new doors, and introduced me to an exciting industry. As a senior job coordinator, I love building relationships with new and existing clients. Its great to partner with clients, learn about their projects/needs, and help deliver solutions. I also love working with candidates, learning about their skill sets, and working to connect them with the right job opportunities.
Construction as a whole can be a tough industry. I think as a woman it’s important to prove yourself, and stay true to yourself. By outworking those around you, and developing the right relationships, there are endless opportunities in this industry.
Megan Dalena, Job Coordinator, 9 months
I got into the construction industry through ROI as a recruiter. Every week, I’m on construction sites, wearing PPE, talking and learning the “lingo,” and even conducting safety evaluations. I learn more and more about the industry every day. My role is to match environmental and construction professionals with new job opportunities. I use my network of resources within the field to find these potential matches. Being able to assist someone in furthering their career and to help companies discover new talent is my ultimate goal each day.
Life is too short to let someone tell you, you can’t. Show them you can.
Courtney Votto, Job Coordinator, 8 months
I graduated from Keene State University in 2019 with a degree in Psychology. I was interested in the Recruiter position with Resource Options, applied and had my introductory phone call with Jen Monroe (Marketing Associate). Upon graduating is when I started working with ROI and began working in the construction industry. I’m a Job Coordinator. I recruit and qualify laborers and skilled tradespeople to work on projects with the contractors we partner with in the construction industry.
Hold your ground and don’t take anything too personal.
Michelle Lemelin, Search Consultant, 8 months
Previously I’ve worked in both the hospitality and manufacturing Industries.  So, what can I say? I’m naturally driven towards the hardest working people.   My drive to succeed is in direct alignment within the construction Industry. I’m a Search Consultant, a candidate coach working within our technical division. I network within the civil & environmental engineering industries. I’m a mentor to my candidates. Mapping out strategic career opportunities to match their needs.
Be true to who you are.  Know your strengths and be okay with having weaknesses.  You don’t need to know it all! The smartest surround themselves with others who fill in those gaps.  Stand your ground on the issues that matter, knowing the loudest in the room isn’t always the smartest.   
Kayla Belair, Job Coordinator, 8 months
I am a job coordinator for the environmental remediation industry which is very parallel to the construction industry. We work with a lot of laborers and general labors with a construction background and help provide them with the tools and training to develop them into field technicians, allowing them to obtain higher paying jobs and better opportunities. I am a job coordinator so my goal is to help qualify candidates and provide them with the necessary tools and trainings to get them the next best opportunity. My job is to take the parameters these candidates provide me with and match them up with a company that they will thrive with.
Do it and do it better than anyone you’ve ever looked up too. Don’t settle and don’t take no for an answer. We like to think in today’s society the playing field is even but in reality it’s not and we are still proving to everyone that women can do it, so prove that not only can we do it, we can do it better.
Ashtyn, Zussy, HR/ Operations Associate, 7 months
After leaving the Mortgage industry I simply fell into working in the construction industry with ROI. As the HR/ Operations Associate, I am the jack of all trades between working with Jen in Marketing, Allyson in HR, and Becca in Accounting. I find my job very rewarding as everyday ROI brings new and exciting tasks into my role.
Stay true to yourself and your vision. Don’t let any one person’s opinion move you, listen, but be confident.
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