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Despite the stereotype of men working in the construction industry, women are just as capable. Female on-site construction workers are lacking, but women altogether are underrepresented in the industry. When it comes to women entering the construction industry, part of the struggle is that women need to go the extra mile to make their accomplishments seen — something that may not come naturally.
Women in Construction Week is March 3-9, 2019. This week raises awareness of the opportunities available for women in the construction industry and to emphasize the growing role of women in the industry.
Ten of the women at Resource Options, Inc. share how they got into the construction industry, what their role is at ROI, and their advice to any female looking to enter the construction industry or any male-dominated field.
Tiffani Tartaglia, Division Manager, 5 Years
“I have a background in Biochemistry. Bryan Quinn, President of ROI identified me as a potential fit for our Environmental team. After leaving my initial interview, I was more interested in the Construction Division. I manage our Raynham, MA Construction office. My role here at ROI is to develop my team of construction job coordinators, build and maintain relationships with residential/ commercial general contractors, as well as electrical contractors throughout the MA and RI areas.”
“The construction industry is tough. BUT not closed off to women. I find that the men in this industry are very receptive to having more and more women join their teams. As a female in the construction industry, you have to be resilient, confident and have the passion to succeed. As in any profession, if you doubt yourself others will too.”
Rachel Thayer, Account Manager, 2 Years   
“I fell into the construction industry.  When I decided to leave my previous career in the show jumping equestrian industry, I was looking for a place where I would be able to utilize both my business and management skills.  Resource Options ended up being the perfect balance of both. My role with ROI has evolved over the past 2 years.  I started out in our Environmental Services Division, which is extremely fast paced, and consistently adjusting to the daily needs of our clients.  Currently, I run our Consulting & Design division in CT.  My responsibilities mainly revolve around developing our technical recruiting business in the CT market.”
“My advice to women in this industry is to continue to push the barriers that they can and will do the job just as well as their male colleagues.  Show up to work every day ready to give it your all, ask intuitive questions, and learn as much as you can to make yourself a well-rounded and valuable employee. “

Haley Muir, Search Consultant, 7 Months

“I completed a B.S in Geology from Bridgewater State University in 2018. While completing and finishing my degree, I began working part time at an Environmental / Engineering / Land Surveying consulting firm as an Environmental Scientist. My role there included field sampling and report writing! At ROI, I am a Search Consultant (recruiter) who specializes in Engineering, Environmental Science, and Health and Safety positions. I work with candidates who are looking to switch positions and I match them to great companies!”
“Be bold, be professional, be confident, stand up for yourself, and do what you can to learn as much as possible about the industry.”
Ellen Taylor, Account Manager, 5.5 Years 
“ROI was opening an office in New Hampshire and I was interested in the opportunity to grow a new branch. We recruit for both Environmental and Construction and at that time, Construction had a much greater presence than environmental. My role is to manage and grow existing business as well as develop new clients. I go to job sites and check for safety concerns, as well as job starts where I introduce our candidates to the client on their first day. I also attend networking events where we can get insight of upcoming work and get face time with decision makers.”
“Get comfortable in boots, hard hat and that gorgeous safety vest!!   The challenges of being the minority still exist however with “thick skin” and knowledge of the industry I find that companies I work with have been very receptive.”
Caroline Bishop, Search Consultant, 1.5 Years
“I was inspired by a family member who was the Town Engineer in FL. I was memorized with looking at plans and working with a project team. This led me to study Civil Engineering in college and become president of our ASCE chapter. I get excited looking at plans and hearing about improvement projects. As a Search Consultant with Resource Options, Inc., I work with Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Consulting companies to help them with their staffing needs.”
“Leadership is not a position or a title; it is an action and example.”
Jen Monroe, Marketing Associate, 10 Months
“After graduating from the University of Mary Washington in 2018 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration and a minor in Sports Management, I started my career in the construction industry with Resource Options, Inc. All of my experience was in Marketing, Leadership and Business Development. Therefore, when the opportunity to manage ROI’s marketing and internal recruiting was presented to me, I couldn’t pass it up. I am responsible for ROI’s marketing efforts, as well as, identifying and recruiting internal candidates for all office locations.”
“I believe every woman is capable and strong and anything is possible with motivation, hard work and passion. Know your worth and believe in yourself; you can do anything a man can do. Not only are we deserving of equal representation, but the future relies on it!”
Rebecca Packer, Sales & Operations Assistant, 11 Months
“I left the Hospitality Industry to take an Administrative Job which landed me in the world of Construction. It is definitely not a field I ever considered but find my career very fulfilling and rewarding. One similarity I have found between Hospitality and Construction Staffing is the variety of people you get to meet! As the Sales & Operations assistant, I handle many administrative and office management tasks. I work very closely with Human Resources and Operations too.”
“My advice to other Women considering a career in Construction is to view it just like any other field. There are so many more opportunities in the Construction Industry than just being a Carpenter or Electrician.”
Allyson Cook, HR Manager, 2.8 Years
“By default, I consider myself as part of the Staffing industry, we just happen to recruit construction. As the HR Manager, I handle all internal/external Employee relations issues, compliance concerns/issues as well as Benefits administration for our internal and field staff.”
“Be confident in your abilities. Don’t be afraid to hold your own.”
Alexandra Larkin, Search Consultant, 6 Months
“After deciding I wanted to get out of the beauty industry, I started to think about other opportunities and how I could use my skill sets in a different industry. I went to college for occupational safety and health, and decided to start applying for jobs in that field. I came across the ROI website and started applying to safety positions. I got a call from Mike and Ales asking if I had ever thought about internal recruiting, and was excited to come in for an interview! My family has been in the electrical industry for most of my life, and it has been great to learn more about the construction industry as a whole! I am a search consultant for NJ CON. I love getting to know different candidates, help them in their job search, and find them a home!”
“Although it is a male-dominated industry, I have had a great experience in construction as a woman. There is so much opportunity, and by learning more about the trades there will be even more doors open in the future. Having confidence in yourself and your decisions is a huge help, as well as knowing your worth.”
Lauren Sheehan, Search Consultant, 8 Months
“I started my career in the construction industry with ROI. The idea of assisting in a staffing company that employees people who build is very exciting and rewarding to see the tangible effects of our employees. My role within ROI is a Search Consultant within the consulting and design industries. That includes Sr. level construction workers, engineers, architects, and scientists.”
“The best advice I would give to women who are looking to break into the construction world is to keep an open mind about the possibilities it could offer long term. From my experience as a recruiter on the outside of the industry, there are plenty of great careers in construction but, women might be turned off due to the lack of other women in the industry.”
RESOURCE OPTIONS, INC. (ROI) is a full-service construction, design, environmental services staffing and emergency response firm. Founded in 1998, ROI provides customized staffing solutions to clients servicing the built and natural environment. Recognized on five different occasions by Inc. Magazine as one of “America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies”, ROI demonstrates a proven ability to deliver highly qualified candidates in a timely fashion.
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