Emergency Response Solutions

Do you need to mobilize a large team of trained and certified personnel to quickly restore an area recently affected by a disaster?

Emergency Response JobsOur clients know we are experts in finding the right people for this work and turn to us for their most pressing project needs.

From the Deep Water Horizon/BP Oil Spill to Hurricane Sandy, ROI has experienced management capable of rapidly assembling a team of responders ready to hit the ground running.

When we arrive on site, here is what you can expect:

  • A response team of trained OSHA 40 Technicians
  • Experienced supervisors to manage large teams of responders
  • Rapid and coordinated on-boarding of local hires
  • Medical screens & appropriate safety training
  • Logistical management of timecards and payroll processing


Construction Staffing
When you need all hands on deck,
ROI has a great team ready to go.