The spotlight is on you construction

For this one, we want you to think about you.
People count on construction. What you do everyday is important. You are essential workers and have been working through this messiest of years.
Which also means you and your teams are no doubt tired and deserve to relax, unwind and regroup over the holidays.
Just so you know, your endless work hasn't gone unnoticed. 
You adapted on the fly. You've kept our economy running, protected your families under the most difficult circumstances...and now it's time to take care of yourself.
We enlisted the help of industry leader, Cal Beyer, CWP, SCTPP, Vice President; Workforce Risk & Worker Wellbeing at CSDZ, for self care advice and ways to manage stress through the holiday. Here's his sage advice:
"Many people experience increased stress or loneliness during the holiday season. The HammerTech team wants to remind you that stress is a normal and expected response to changes in circumstances.
Learning how to cope with life's challenges requires practice. Some of the best ways to overcome stress are:
  1. Being optimistic is proven to make you more resilient and able to overcome stress and adversity.
  2. Maintaining an attitude of gratitude and seeking the "silver linings" in every experience builds our hope.
  3. Connecting with others if you feel isolated and alone; and/or, disconnecting from all electronic devices when you feel overwhelmed and distracted.
  4. Volunteering and doing acts of service for others is a way to feel good by caring for others.
  5. Engaging in self-care practices to restore balance between physical and emotional wellbeing.
Too many people believe self-care practices are an indulgence, but they are a necessity. Too often we wait until we're near the breaking point before we remember to practice self-care.
Self-care practices are like preventive maintenance that keeps our bodies, minds and emotions working smoothly. In reality, self-care is best when we're disciplined and they become personal habits.
Some favorite and reliable self-care practices include:
Reading                                               Watching TV/movies  
Cooking                                               Exercise         
Napping/resting                                Healthy snacking
Outdoor activities                             Volunteering/Acts of kindness
Deep breathing/meditation            Chatting with friends and family
We know there are times when stress starts to overwhelm.  Know you're not alone. Help is only a smart phone away. You have two options:
  1. Text HELP to 741741 to reach Crisis Text Line
  2. Call 800/273-8255 to connect with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
In addition, we hope these HammerTech Talks with industry leaders like Kabri Lehrman-Schmid, Project Superintendent at Hensel Phelps, Kathi Dobson, Safety Director at Alberici Constructors, and myself can offer inspiration for you and your teams."
Our wish for construction for 2021 from HammerTech…
  • Given the adversity of 2020, we wanted to send some good wishes to construction at large for 2021. It's best to start a new year with new, good intentions. So we've made a short list of good wishes for you. We wish...
  • For a 5-day work week for construction (no, we're not being crazy here!).
  • To move our industry nomenclature from 'workers' to 'industrial athletes' (imagine 'industrial athlete hours', instead of 'man hours').
  • For empathy to be a radical leadership tool to encourage new ideas, belonging, and celebrate differences.
  • For data and digital processes to be invited to the safety party.
  • To put the days of reams of site papers and cabinets behind us! We can do it, we know we can.


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