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Stress Free First Day

The first day of a new job is exciting and scary at once.  With that kind of pressure, it can be easy to make a mistake on the first day that can tarnish all the hard work you put in to land the job in the first place. Whether you are looking to work on a long term project with the company or be hired on full time, here are our tips to ensuring success on your first day, and making a lasting impression.
Get a good night’s sleep.  You will want to arrive on the first day with a sharp mind and clear eyes.  If you’ve had the last few weeks or months to stay up late and nap during the day, be sure to re-adjust your sleep schedule to align with your new work schedule.  This process could take up to two weeks for your body to get back into the swing of things but will go a long way to ensure you are alert throughout the entire day.
Arrive on time. Especially in the construction and environmental industries, where schedules are tight and every minute counts, being on the job site before the work starts is essential.  Drive the route the day before to get a feel for traffic and leave yourself plenty of time for delays or unexpected detours on your way in.
Bring your lunch.  Lunchtime culture varies widely from one company to another.  There may not be a place to grab a quick bite nearby or an opportune time to enjoy a leisurely lunch hour. Brown bagging it on your first day won’t leave you stranded without food.
Wear appropriate attire. Make sure you are completely prepared for the tasks at hand.  Bring your PPE wear sturdy shoes, and durable clothing you can get dirty. If it is cold out, make sure you are using smart layering techniques so you stay warm and dry.
Work hard and be enthusiastic.  You got the job, so go show everyone what you can do! A positive “can-do” attitude, you will be sure to make a great first impression with the supervisor.
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