Supporting Digital Transformation Through Connected Safety Technology

Across industrial and commercial sectors, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing how enterprises approach employee safety, health, performance, and quality. Cloud-connected personal protection wearables can deliver comprehensive real-time safety for at-risk workers, including those working alone or in remote areas, near hazardous gases or in confined spaces.
No matter if it’s an injury, fall, health event or gas exposure, cloud-connected software helps monitoring personnel effectively manage every incident from receipt of an alert through to its resolution in the shortest time possible. And the connected wearables with embedded GPS tracking, help emergency crews quickly find an employee’s exact location with full visibility into the incident and what type of response is required.
Beyond real-time incident and response management, the power of data from connected safety technology is helping businesses drive improvements through worksite optimization, employee movement pattern analysis, HSE software integration, gas leak detection and more. In this free December 8 webinar sponsored by Blackline Safety, presenter Yves Carrier will explain how connected workers and worksites can help you increase the safety and efficiency of your teams through digital transformation.
Join us and discover how:
  • The safety and gas detection industry has evolved far beyond the beep and flash devices of the past
  • A comprehensive safety ecosystem can protect your business with personal gas detection, lone worker safety and area monitoring – and optimize its effectiveness with leading analytics and live-monitoring software
  • Real-time visibility and direct communication with connected workers can better protect them in response to incidents and evacuations
  • Direct-to-cloud connectivity means data is immediately accessible and can provide up-to-date insights to inform better decision-making  



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