Using Electronic Forms for Improving Safety Reporting, Investigation and More

Contractors have placed increasing importance on developing a world-class safety culture in their organizations for their jobsite crews. According to a 2016 Dodge Data & Analytics SmartMarket Report, 85 percent of the survey respondents felt jobsite worker involvement is essential to a building a high class safety program—up nearly 20 percentage points from the 2012 survey.”¹ Providing these workers with the tools and training they need to report on incidents in a timely and accurate manner is crucial to maintaining a culture of safety.
The Importance of Mobile Forms
One way that contractors and owners can achieve optimal safety is to utilize configurable mobile forms for capturing and reporting accidents. For many organizations, this process is still cumbersomely paper-based, requiring risk officers to re-key information manually after the report has been submitted. Workers are limited by the amount of data they can actually capture in the field, and without a single tool being used on the jobsite, businesses may experience inconsistencies across projects.
By utilizing a solution like Viewpoint For Field View, companies can digitize any paper-based forms so that they’re easily accessible from anywhere on the jobsite and, most importantly, valuable project information won’t be lost. Since Field View is an offline mobile solution, on jobsites lacking poor internet connectivity, workers are still able to fill out all the relevant details in the form, and then submit once they’ve reconnected to the internet. The form builder is very straightforward and easy-to- use, limiting frustration and increasing the rate of adoption among jobsite employees.
Safety Tracking and Reporting
When it comes to safety reporting, Field View gives contractors the ability to indicate who reported theissue, the date, who was involved, type of accident/incident, the type of injury and witnesses. They’re able to streamline input so that data gathered can be analyzed in a business intelligence tool to answer questions like:
  • Does this team need particular health and safety training?
  • Are these health and safety events tied to a specific area on a site and do we need to act on that?
Speeding Up Corrective Actions
Discovering, and acting on items that need attention, negative trends are addressed before problems arise. With the right tool for easily spotting negative trends on specific jobs, contractors can deliver corrective actions more quickly. Going beyond simple incident reporting and investigation, Field View’s forms offer additional benefits. Viewpoint customer, BAM Construct in the UK plans to develop a form to record and verify on site machinery. “From a health and safety perspective, it’s also vital that we know that every vehicle is properly serviced and has the relevant valid examination certificate,” says Andrew Robinson, Assistant Site Manager.
Bringing It All Together
Creating a culture of safety is important. Giving jobsite workers the tools to easily report on incidents contributes to the success of that culture. Click here to learn more about how Viewpoint For Field View helps achieve a more effective safety program that goes beyond incident reporting and investigation on the jobsite.