What’s your Story in 2020?

Did you know that each and every part of your life is drawn to you because of the story that you tell yourself?
Your Mind is powerful, Good or Bad, and affects all areas of Your Life”. For example: –
  • Money and Financial Assets
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
  • Flexibility
  • Self-Belief, Self-Worth
  • Work Environment
  • Work Satisfaction
Happiness of your Life Experience shows in Your Story.
We Attract what we put out. When we Change how we think and talk to ourselves we have the ability to Transform our World.
  • Change Your Story, Change Your Life.
So, how about creating several impressive stories about your life this year? Make it Fun, a Movie where you have an impressive role. Clients do this when they begin coaching sessions. Combined with a Vision Map their Story is very different and truly engaging than the challenges which brought them to Creating Encores.  Here are some New Stories from clients.
  • Struggling Musician to outstanding global performer.
  • Career Stalled, job low level to a well -paid, career path in a small family run organization.
  • Retrenched December 2019. New innovative creative role in an impressive community within 6 weeks.
The massive impact that results from Re Framing stories is, that people are Happier, Contented and Fulfilled. Maybe it’s time to re organise this part of yourself and update how you grow your career or business path. Similar to the examples above?
We all Change both personally and professionally, get Gutsy and Bold. You have the power within to ignite a newer creative Story for 2020. Get inspiration from others who have been along this path…and ask yourself in your story who are the Role Models that inspire. They could be working in totally different careers, and what is it that inspires you. Because you will have a part of them sitting inside.
Get this information out to the world and have the best year personally and professionally in 2020.