What key traits do you look for when adding people to the organization, especially in management positions?

Jay Maschmeier
Senior Vice President
Tecta America New England
N. Billerica, Massachusetts
We believe that a candidate’s personality is just as important as his or her technical skills when screening for positions. Throughout the interview process, especially for leadership roles, we look for candidates who possess integrity and commitment. 
Great leaders are difficult to find, but if they appreciate the team’s culture and understand their role within the organization, then they are typically in it for the long haul. 
It’s important to ask targeted questions to find out if a candidate is really interested in joining our team. “What aspects of the role do you think you’ll like?” is a go-to interview question. This provides insight into the candidate’s understanding of the role and company, and also whether the candidate will enjoy the position once on board. 
The cost to find, hire and train new employees is significant and can slow down productivity. Screening for candidates who show integrity and commitment gives us a good sense of who they are before we bring them into our organization.
Julie Murphy
Chief HR Officer
Tradesmen International
Macedonia, Ohio
Our goal is to fill leadership positions at a rate of 70% through internal promotions and 30% through external hires. This balance provides exceptional opportunity for growth, while infusing external expertise where it’s needed.
We have carefully evaluated what it takes to succeed in our unique business, which is centered on meeting the demanding needs of our clients while attracting and retaining highly skilled tradespeople. So, we have defined what “good” looks like in this context, and we are laser-focused on finding and cultivating it. We define “good” leadership in behavioral terms such as high personal drive, likes to win, reads people and delivers outstanding results.  
To close the loop and drive accountability, we incorporate these leadership behaviors in all of our people decisions. By assessing leadership talent during the employee’s life cycle from how we hire, develop and retain top talent, we have been able to cultivate and grow our unique Tradesmen International culture.   
Tara Kramer
Ri-Ky Roofing and Ri-Ky Materials
Oregon City, Oregon
I look for independent thinkers who think outside the box. I want people who do not need to be micromanaged, but instead flourish when given the space to not only accomplish the goals set by the company, but exceed them. Loyalty to the Ri-Ky family of companies is critical as well. 
While past experience is important, it need not specifically be in the roofing or materials field. I am more interested in finding someone with drive, integrity, a strong work ethic and communication skills. I can teach someone the technical aspects of the business if I need to, but these proven qualities ensure success.
If I find a potential employee who was successful under extremely adverse conditions, then I know that person can handle the pressures construction-related projects will bring. If a job candidate managed to get a degree while single parenting and working full time, then I know he or she can multitask and commit to my company. If someone has served honorably in the military, then I know that individual already has the skills it takes to add value.