Companies look to partnerships to survive digital transformation

Dive Brief:
  • Businesses are looking for partnerships to help guide them through a period of digital transformation, according to a report from Information Services Group (ISG). Areas of focus include lean project management, agile software development and customer journey mapping, among others.
  • Stakeholder and product relationships, virtualization of some operations, and long-term feedback and analytics are key in enabling companies to boost their competitiveness through digitalization, the study found.
  • Digital transformation impacts nearly every facet of an organization, Esteban Herrera, partner and global leader of ISG Research, said in a statement. "Enterprise agility goes far beyond software development and also encompasses the way organizations can adjust their entire operating model to survive and thrive in environments where competition and customer requirements are constantly changing."
Dive Insight:
Organizational agility is a common refrain among employers planning to keep up with technological innovation. Ordinarily, this phrase refers to contingent work, but employee learning and training are also a part of the conversation.
Moreover, digital learning initiatives are taking the lead when it comes to employee development and upskilling. For almost every industry, technology is providing access to growth, in some cases, for workers who previously had none. The availability of online and mobile learning is making continuous learning a reality, and these trends have inspired workers to take ownership of their career growth. With open access policies, employers are allowing staff members to take a leadership role and guide their own development.
For many, identifying workers with the most learning potential and targeting those individuals with development opportunities is the newest trend in the learning space. Workers are ready to upskill, according to research, because they know digital transformation will leave them behind if they don't take charge. Studies have shown that the more training employees get, the more they want, meaning digital training initiatives can have positive impact on retention as well.