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In recent years, the clamor for sustainable, green construction practices has reverberated across industries, echoing the global call to mitigate climate change and preserve our planet for future generations. The construction industry  is rapidly evolving to incorporate sustainable elements that reduce its carbon footprint and promote a healthier environment. Here we explore some of the most promising green practices in construction that are setting a benchmark for a sustainable future.

1. Energy-Efficient Design

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It was an absolute pleasure to interview ROI's newly appointed account manager in the Construction division at the Portsmouth, NH office, Ross Hogan. Ross emphasized the 'ROI difference,' a concept that merges a high degree of personalization with a keen understanding of clients' and candidates' unique needs and potentials. We also discussed the diminishing number of skilled tradespeople among the newer generations, a challenge that's increasingly shaping the workforce landscape.
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Project Management has become an indispensable aspect of contemporary business practices across various industries. Still, perhaps nowhere is its value more apparent than in the construction sector. Without an effective PM, it is an uphill task to ensure the successful completion of  projects within the predetermined parameters of time, quality, and cost.

In this blog, we delve into the integral role of construction project management in successful construction projects.


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We had the opportunity to engage in a stimulating conversation with Matt Craine, Adam Fagnaniand Chet Jobert, dynamic team members from our New York City-based Consulting and Design practice. Discussing the challenges and triumphs of flourishing in the heart of the Big Apple, they enlightened us about the substantial impact Resource Options, Inc. (ROI) is making in NYC.

1. Tell us about the history of your office and how NYC is different than other ROI offices?

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We spoke with Consulting and Design Recruiter, Chase Corcoran, working in the Needham office about  why working with ROI is valuable and how they are different from other recruiting firms. 

1. What made you decide to work for ROI?