Hiring Process

Do you need a company that works with you to build your career?

Hiring Process We understand. Every day, we meet with great people who are looking for work that matches their skills in their field and gives them new experiences to add to their resume. 

Our team comes from the construction, environmental, and design industries and are experts in identifying work that fulfills and challenges our workforce, keeping them busy and excited about going to work the next day. Grow professionally with ROI.

During the initial stages of the hiring process, a recruiter contacts you to discuss your past experiences, availability, and your aspirations within the industry you work. We want to ensure that ROI is a perfect fit for your employment needs leveraging the best opportunities available. 

Our recruiters set up a time for you to come in and meet with them to begin building a relationship. This is your opportunity to highlight everything you have to offer. We want to hear all about your path through the industry; what you like and dislike about your profession. The only thing we do ask for is total honesty as it is vital for placing you in the right job at the right company.

Okay, now for the boring part. This is the part where we ask you to fill out paperwork. Now that we have established a relationship, it’s time to find you a successful match. 

After you meet with an ROI recruiter, we contact your references. This conversation is designed to accurately match you with the right job by getting a better understanding of your work style. Our goal is to align your employment desires with a company of the right pace, size, and culture.

Upon placement with a company, we set up your job start date. Your ROI recruiter meets you on the jobsite, the first day, establishing expectations between you and the client. Additionally, your recruiter follows up with you at the end of the day. If you are not satisfied with the work, we will continue to search for a better fit! 

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