The Keys to Attracting and Retaining Construction Talent

It’s no secret the construction workforce is facing a severe labor shortage at every level. While some might see this as an opportunity for individuals looking to begin a career in construction, it provides a unique challenge for employers. Skilled workers are in high demand, so firms must stand out in their methods for attracting workers. Check out our tips for engaging prospective talent, and retaining the most valuable employees.
Recruiting is a two-way street. Prospective employees are trying to show off their skills while simultaneously sizing up your organization. While they work to earn an interview, employers can work to pique their interest.
Individuals desire to work for a company at which they feel valued and challenged. Employers should showcase their values, unique line of business or management style early in the recruitment process. Share the distinctive advantages of working for the organization in job postings or on the website for better communication with candidates. During the interview stage, understand what top recruits are looking for and share how an organization can support these desires.
Formally document the culture of the organization. This document should include not only the company’s values, but also the value it aspires to provide employees. Ideas to consider include:
  • Work-life balance;
  • Professional development opportunities;
  • Referral incentive program;
  • Wellness incentives;
  • Recognition and rewards; and
  • Flexible work schedules.
Remember that culture should evolve as the needs of your employees change. Have a policy for feedback and let employees know their voices are important in creating the beliefs of the organization. When employees feel like they have a say in the direction of the company, they are more likely to commit to an organization long term.
Offer training that fosters the leadership and technical skills of existing employees. Providing newcomers with a career path and internal coaching for advancement can encourage them to stay with the company for a long time. Dedicated employees will feel rewarded for their hard work, and leaders will reap the benefits of low turnover.
Having a devoted, engaged workforce can determine the success or failure of construction projects. Employees who can foster relationships with customers, and can be counted on to get the job done properly, will improve the bottom line of a business.
In addition, when employers invest in employees, they are investing in the future of the business. Fair compensation, a fine-tuned culture and training opportunities keep employees engaged—which eliminates the need for constant hiring.
Owners will save money and be able to devote more time to projects if they’re not concerned with replacing their workforce frequently. Some may even see improvements in safety culture as a result of a more attentive, committed workforce. Overall, the benefits of investing in quality recruitment and maintenance efforts are significant.