Environmental Attitude is gaining significance in the recent times as it shows us that by the developmental of environmental attitude, our concerns regarding Environmental degradation and deterioration can be solved to a certain extent. Environmental Attitude can be defined as a learned enduring orientation in the way we think, feel or act with respect to the Environment.

Environmental Attitude is a psychological tendency with a certain degree of favor or disfavor associated while evaluating the environment. The development of Environmental Attitude requires different time frames for different persons based on their culture, socio-economic conditions, ideologies and consciousness associated with environmental issues. But it is very essential to note that once an Environmental Attitude that too a healthy one is developed then, it may certainly help us to get in tune our mind with our actions towards the environment.
Structure of Environmental Attitude is a multidimensional construct and can have three components :

     1. Cognitive Environmental Attitude

It is associated with our thinking process which includes our thoughts, values, beliefs, learning towards the environment. The development of Cognitive Environmental Attitude helps us to shape our opinions and viewpoints towards conservation of natural environment.

     2. Affective Environmental Attitude

It is linked with our emotions and thus, it is very important to evolve this Environmental Attitude.  As once our emotional cords are linked with the environmental concerns, then we can definitely help ourselves to stop environmental degradation which mostly guided by our selfish aims.
     3. Conative Environmental Attitude
It involves our will-impulse, desire or resolve which leads to shaping of our behavior towards the natural environment. Our actions towards the environment are extremely important as they categorically are defining our future on this planet called Earth.
In this era of global environmental upheaval including concerns like Global Warming, Climate Change, increase in the sea levels, rise in pollution, environmental degradation etc. , one of the promising ways that one person can contribute individually is by developing all components of Environmental Attitude .
The building of Environmental Attitude will also make the person to be ethically connected to the environmental issues and thus, he can think, feel and act in his individual capacity to solve this catastrophic problem.