The New Model of Hiring: If You Want to Attract Top Talent, You Need to Create an Attractive Opportunity

Log in to LinkedIn, and you’ll find an abundance of coaching and advice for job seekers on every topic from resume tips to offer letters. I can scroll down my newsfeed on any given day and 5-10 people will have tips to help me stand out to attract the job I want.
In fact, for many years now, I’ve been one of those people, coaching job seekers on much of the same stuff. I even wrote an article about what I called “the new job search model” for this very publication about four years ago.
But what about the companies searching for talent? Is anyone advising them?
The greatest irony, in my opinion, is that research shows companies are feeling just as dissatisfied with the candidates they attract as candidates are with the jobs they’re offered. And any recruiter or HR pro reading this knows the huge investment of time and company resources required to find a candidate, onboard them, and train them — only to discover it wasn’t a great match and they will have to start the process all over again!
So, my question to employers is this: When on earth are you going to adapt to the times and brand your company in a way that attracts top candidates who align with the culture, vision, and values of your company?
Be Attractive to Attract Top Talent
It sounds simple, but given the current state of the job market, it’s worth saying: To attract top talent, you must first be attractive yourself.
To be a little blunter about it: For the love of all that is good, stop making job posts that are as dense as a giant rock in the Grand Canyon, mundane as folding socks for two consecutive hours, and as exciting to read as a cardiologist’s report!
As a job seeker, I want to read company descriptions I connect with, descriptions that actually convey some excitement and enthusiasm about the role. And I should be able to easily absorb enough information from an ad that I can quickly grasp what the company wants, the basic requirements, and whether I might be a good fit. It’s so simple, yet, judging by how few companies take this approach, not.
Think about it: Recruiters and hiring managers spend around six seconds glancing at a candidate’s resume or LinkedIn profile before judging their fit. Candidates probably spend about the same amount on reading a job ad.
So my question remains: If you continue to be dissatisfied with your candidate pool after all these years, why not change something on your end?
What makes this a strong ad?
First, the post feels very personalized. I not only feel like I am already on the team in a way, but I also know some of the history of the company and the people I’d be collaborating with. I also have a very good basic understanding of what a day in the life of working for this company in this role would look and feel like. This is what a job ad should do if you want to stand out as an attractive company for attractive candidates!
Change Starts With You
I’ll leave you with a few parting concepts I want you to meditate on; fall asleep to; and talk to your staff, your partners, your friends, and even your spouse about!
First, recognize that the change starts with you. If you keep doing the things you’ve always done, you’ll keep experiencing the same results.
Second, stop writing such boring job ads! This isn’t a contest to sound “smart” or even “formal.” Talented job seekers aren’t interested in reading a million bullet points of dry, dense jargon. They want to feel excited about working for you, understand the culture, and be enticed to take the next step. That’s it!
You are the one that needs to adapt to the times. Make the branding of your company, especially your job posts and hiring process, more attractive, and watch as you attract more (and better) candidates.