OSHA publishes updates to crane operator certification requirements

Long-delayed rules accept certifications by type or type and capacity.

OSHA published the long-delayed updates to its crane operator certification requirements in the Nov. 9 Federal Register.
As was expected, the agency will require certification by type of crane, and will accept certification by crane type and its lifting capacity. OSHA originally sought to certify operators solely by crane type and capacity in 2010.
That certification requirement was supposed to go into effect in 2014, but the agency later discovered that two of the four accredited testing services were issuing certifications for type of crane rather than type and capacity. The new rule specifies that certification/licensing must be accomplished via an accredited testing service, an independently audited employer program, military training, or compliance with qualifying state or local licensing requirements.
Most of the new final rule will go into effect Dec. 9, except for requirements that employers evaluate crane operators and document those evaluations. The latter requirements will take effect Feb. 7, 2019.