Viewing Safety in All Directions

Safety on the jobsite requires more than hot vests and steel toed boots. Vehicle traffic, both delivering and working trucks and equipment, needs to be respected. Drivers must have visual contact with any obstacle and every person in range when moving their vehicle. Since every vehicle has blind spots, adopting technology to give the driver a clear view makes sense.
SmartDrive Systems, a company focused on video-based safety and what they call “transportation intelligence,” provided The Silvi Group  with a video-based safety program across its fleet after Silvi evaluated two other programs. The program includes fully managed service and proactive coaching.
The Silvi Group is a construction material supplier in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and includes the brand names Silvi Concrete, Riverside Cement, Gibraltar Stone, and Sahara Sand. The company deployed SmartDrive 360 with Extended Recording across its fleet to deploy up to eight cameras around each vehicle, enabling a comprehensive view. With in-cab, forward facing, and backing cameras, coupled with Extended Recording, the system delivers insight to the most frequent causes of collisions such as U-turns, backing, unintended lane changes, roll-overs, and close following, as well as low-impact incidents that may not trigger recording, but often cause damage to construction fleet vehicles.
The Silvi Group has integrated the SmartDrive Safety Score into its incentive program — both for drivers and coaches. Scores are tracked by driver and location on a weekly basis and play an important part in the company’s financial reward program. As a result, drivers and coaches work together to ensure that when an incident happens, coaching occurs in a timely manner and the driver is made aware of the changes that need to be made.