A Vision for a Sustainable Future

At the onset of this year, we recognized that 2020 would be the decade of enterprise sustainability—and it seems even amid a pandemic that trend continues to hold strong.
Many technology companies are approaching sustainability as a two-pronged approach—identifying how it can help both their customers and their own business, achieving benefits and positive impacts to the business on both fronts. Meanwhile, construction companies, such as Bechtel, have impressive sustainability policies and targets.
GCP Applied Technologies has also presented a sustainability statement in its 2020 Vision for a Sustainable Future. The company recognizes that construction has a significant impact on our environment and addresses three core sections:
  • Products: GCP product development, using technology and chemistry to develop solutions to reduce waste and increase efficiency
  • People: GCP employees who are working to build better communities across the globe
  • Processes: GCP’s efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its manufacturing plants
GCP Applied Technologies recognizes that it has a responsibility to make the building process more sustainable and can do this in a number of different ways. Karen Ethier, vice president of environment, health, safety, and quality, GCP Applied Technologies, says sustainability is infused in all that it does.
That is where it becomes a differentiator—when sustainability is part of the core of a business. Companies need to look within for the win with sustainability. Enterprises need to have it be part of everything they do.
An approach to sustainability can be a significant value-add for a technology company’s customers and for its own business, helping to achieve a more sustainable future for all in construction and the world. How are you approaching sustainability?