Old Company, New Company

Rebuilding the decaying infrastructure should be a priority for government as we start to return to “the new normal” after so much of the country has been in lockdown. Companies with strong ties to infrastructure construction are preparing for the hopeful near future.
One of these is 36-year old Bentley Systems, a global provider of software to engineers, architects, geospatial professionals, contractors, and owner-operators for the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure. Bentley’s MicroStation-based engineering and BIM applications, its digital twin cloud services, and many other solutions are used in public works, utilities, industrial and resources plants, and commercial and institutional facilities.
In 2020, it established the Bentley Systems Acceleration Fund to invest in new participants in open ecosystems to advance infrastructure digital twins. The Bentley Systems Acceleration Fund is chartered to accelerate the creation and curation of digital twins, and to foster technologies and innovations so enabled, by nurturing new ventures, making minority investments, and acquiring and expanding digital integrators. Its latest investment has been in launching Virtuosity, a company exclusively offering Virtuoso Subscriptions that bundle—with a Bentley infrastructure modeling, simulation, or construction application—the virtually delivered services of Virtuosity’s experts to accelerate and advance the success of an infrastructure project.
Virtuoso Subscriptions are now available, at virtuosity.com, for Bentley applications including MicroStation, OpenBridge, OpenBuildings, OpenFlows, OpenRail, OpenRoads, OpenSite, OpenTower, OpenWindPower, AutoPIPE, ContextCapture, LEGION, MOSES, PLAXIS, RAM, SACS, SoilVision, STAAD, and SYNCHRO, and Bentley’s iTwin Design Review cloud service. Virtuosity’s expert services, accessible through Virtuoso Subscription “keys,” include a range of training and one-to-one mentoring activities, and on-demand learning and content, increasingly integrated during actual application usage.