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ROI Spotlight: Christian Hopper

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Christian Hopper, an Account Manager in the Construction Division at our Needham office. Christian shared his journey of joining the ROI team, his passion for making a difference in the lives of candidates, and the invaluable career advice that has shaped

environmental science

The Future of Environmental Science: Trends and Predictions

The landscape of environmental science is continuously evolving. With the planet facing unprecedented environmental challenges, the demand for innovative solutions and skilled environmental talent has never been greater. In fact, the United Nations reports that climate change is now affecting every country on every continent, highlighting the critical need for

ROI Spotlight for Paxton Kowalski

Meet Paxton Kowalski, a pivotal figure in our Construction Division based out of Wethersfield, Connecticut. This June marks Paxton’s year anniversary with ROI, a milestone that underscores her journey through the staffing industry. As this month’s Spotlight, Paxton shares her insights into what drew her into the world of recruiting

water issues

National Water Issues and the Demand for Skilled Environmental Scientists

National water issues, encompassing the scarcity of potable water, pollution of water bodies, and the impacts of climate change on hydrological cycles, present challenges that demand urgent and innovative solutions. As societies grapple with these critical concerns, the role of skilled environmental scientists has never been more crucial. These dedicated

Navigating the Skills Shortage: Effective Strategies for Construction Staffing

In an era marked by rapidly growing construction projects and ever-expanding infrastructure demands, the construction industry finds itself facing a critical challenge: a significant shortage of skilled labor. As the demand for construction services continues to surge, the scarcity of experienced and qualified personnel poses a substantial impediment to the

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