ROI Spotlight: Tiffani Tartaglia

In celebration of Women's History Month, we are thrilled to shine a spotlight on Tiffani Tartaglia, Senior Division Manager at Resource Options, Inc. (ROI), who has carved a remarkable path for herself here at ROI. Our conversation with Tiffani not only explores her journey, challenges, and triumphs but also offers invaluable insights and advice for women aspiring to make their mark in similar fields.

Join us as we delve into the experiences that have shaped her career and the lessons she has learned along the way, contributing significantly to the ongoing dialogue about gender diversity and empowerment in the workplace.

1. Over your last 10 years with Resource Options, how have you seen the construction industry change when it comes to women’s involvement?

Reflecting on my time with Resource Options over the past decade, I've observed profound shifts in the construction industry, notably in women's roles. The change is multi-dimensional, affecting every aspect of the industry. This evolution spans across all sectors, indicating a systemic transformation rather than isolated changes.

The increase in female participation is particularly striking. Women are not only entering traditionally male-dominated roles but are also ascending to leadership positions, engaging in business development, and owning their own companies. A notable example is a woman contractor we work with in Cape Cod who purchased the construction company where she was employed. Similarly, the number of women on the board of the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) in Massachusetts, where I serve, has increased more in the last year than ever before.

Women's involvement is widespread, covering roles from vendors and material suppliers to insurance and or subcontractors. This broad participation underscores the industry's growing inclusivity.

There has also been a notable shift in attitudes towards women in construction. The industry now shows deeper respect and trust in women's abilities, recognizing the value they bring, especially in leadership roles. This change is attributed to women's persistence over the years.

Moreover, the industry is undergoing significant cultural and structural changes, reflecting a more profound acceptance and integration of women. This shift contributes to a more diverse and dynamic industry.


2. Has there been anyone in the industry that has influenced or inspired you?

Certainly, my path in the industry has been significantly influenced by someone I deeply admire. Ellen Taylor, a Division Manager at ROI, joined the company a year or two before me. Remarkably, she was the sole female presence in the contracting division at the time. Ellen quickly became my mentor and confidant, embodying a no-nonsense attitude shaped by her background in the environmental sector of our industry, where she navigated the challenges of a male-dominated workspace so well. My journey from a science background—where, despite a male majority, my lab environment insulated me from frequent interpersonal interactions—contrasted starkly with her experiences.

Ellen's confidence on job sites, her initiative to push boundaries, and her overall impact not only inspires me and the other women in our company but the entire workforce at ROI. She is truly a force and I looked up to her when I first started with ROI to gain the same kind of confidence she always carried.


3. Have you encountered any challenges, and if so, how have you addressed them?

I've been fortunate enough not to experience missed opportunities directly due to my gender. My journey has been shaped more by how I respond to rejection, turning it into fuel for progress. While I've observed some other women in similar fields facing gender-based obstacles, my experience has been largely positive, with a sense of being more readily embraced than excluded.

The landscape of our industry is undergoing a remarkable transformation towards inclusivity and equality. Our organization champions the merits of hard work, irrespective of gender, recognizing the indispensable contributions of all individuals.

This evolution extends beyond our company, with the broader industry increasingly acknowledging the importance and value of diversifying its workforce to include more women. This change isn't just about fairness; it's about enriching our industry with diverse perspectives and skills.


4. What advice would you give to a woman entering any male-dominated industry?

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Entering a male-dominated industry can pose unique challenges, yet it presents an invaluable opportunity for growth and leadership. Embracing the mantra, "Get comfortable being uncomfortable," is pivotal. This mindset is essential, not just in sales or when eyeing a promotion—be it lateral or vertical—but in every facet of your professional journey. Take risks and persevere; your resilience is your greatest asset.


Networking plays a crucial role, and it's common to find yourself as the sole woman in the room. However, view this not as a barrier but as a platform to stand out and advance. Confidence and courage are key, especially in recruitment scenarios where facing experienced male colleagues might seem intimidating. Remember, your perspective and skills bring unique value to the table—embrace and assert your presence with poise and determination.

My personal journey includes being the first woman at my company to be pregnant. The flexibility and support provided by ROI were extraordinary, highlighting the importance of a supportive work environment. They ensured I had all the necessary resources, setting a precedent for inclusivity and understanding.

In general, thrive in the face of discomfort, seize every opportunity for growth, and maintain unwavering confidence in your abilities. Your journey will not only pave the way for personal success but also inspire and make room for more women in the industry.


Fun Facts About Tiffani

  • I'm an avid dog enthusiast, sharing my home with three beloved canines: Miller, Stella and Billie.
  • My family consists of my wonderful 5-year-old daughter and my supportive husband.
  • I have a profound passion for the great outdoors.
  • Committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I make it a point to drink a gallon of water daily and exercise at least 5 days a week.
  • Integrity is a cornerstone of my character, as I'm known for my honesty and straightforwardness, never hesitating to speak my mind.


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