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Environmental engineers are at the forefront of a global shift towards sustainable practices, playing an indispensable role in the advancement of renewable energy and green design. Their expertise spans several key areas, including the development of innovative energy solutions, the design of eco-friendly infrastructure, and the implementation of sustainable resource management strategies.


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Environmental engineering has emerged as a crucial field in the battle against environmental degradation and climate change. This blog celebrates the innovative solutions developed by environmental engineers contributing significantly to sustainability, pollution reduction, and ecological balance. These solutions range from waste management to renewable energy, water purification, and beyond, showcasing a blend of ingenuity, science, and dedication to preserving our planet.


Innovative Waste Management Techniques


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The Undeniable Statistics Behind the Need


As the world grapples with the effects of climate change and environmental degradation, civil engineers stand as important figures in integrating sustainable practices into their projects. Environmental assessments in construction emerge not just as a formality but as a cornerstone in the strategic planning and execution of any project that alters the landscape of our natural and urban environments.


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The construction industry stands at the threshold of transformation. A Bureau of Labor Statistics report reveals that construction sector employment surged 5% between 2019 and 2022. As demand for skilled workers rises, the ever-evolving construction trades present an environment of new tools, technologies, and methods. 
Staying competitive requires companies to adopt a proactive approach to upskilling and reskilling their workforce. Here, we delve deep into why upskilling matters and how employers benefit from investing in workforce training.
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It was an absolute pleasure to interview ROI's newly appointed account manager in the Construction division at the Portsmouth, NH office, Ross Hogan. Ross emphasized the 'ROI difference,' a concept that merges a high degree of personalization with a keen understanding of clients' and candidates' unique needs and potentials. We also discussed the diminishing number of skilled tradespeople among the newer generations, a challenge that's increasingly shaping the workforce landscape.